Electrical Engineer Resume Example Discussed


Electrical engineering resumes are particularly interesting. Electrical engineering is a field that can easily lead to a very dense and hard to read resume with so many technical terms that the reader will get lost in the detail and miss the big picture about the value of the engineer.

Consider this example from a resume I wrote for an electrical engineer in developing and testing RF software and hardware. Notice how what is emphasized is the value the engineer brought to the company.

Electrical Engineer Resume Example

With statements such as “created an innovative test suite” and “prototyped system level demonstration application in JAVA” rather than detailed lists with lots of technical jargon. What matters to the employer is what you can do and what you have done before is a great indication of what you can do in the future…

Here is another example from the same resume. Notice the reference to the technical contributions without drowning the text in technical terms but focusing instead on the actions and accomplishments…

Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Finally you can click the thumbnail below to see the complete electrical engineering resume example.


Enjoy and if you have any questions about this or any other topics please feel free to contact me directly.

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