Best Engineering Resume Style Choices

engineering resumeWe talked earlier about the need to have a visually attractive engineering resume. The need to have an engineering resume that jumps out and leads to
interest on the part of the reader even before the reading starts.

But what happens when they start reading?

You need to focus on creating a resume that is easy to read, flows naturally and does not make the reader feel confused or lose interest.

You can achieve this by using short sentences, common words and focusing with laser sharpness on your achievements, skills and accomplishments as an engineer.

No fluff, no long winded sentences and over worked grammar that would distract the reader from the message.

You also need to maintain a consistent writing style throughout. It goes without saying that poor grammar and typographical errors are job search killers. Have your resume proofread by a friend or colleague.

In summary keep it simple, easy to read and with a good flow of facts. You want the reader to enjoy learning about you and not have to read things twice to follow what you are trying to convey. Remember your engineering resume can change everything…

If you have any questions about this or any other
topics please feel free to contact me directly.

Good luck with your search!

Michael Brit


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